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Registered address: 86 Edgeware Rd, Chiselhurst Kent BR7 6LB

Equine Sports Massage Association

Welcome to the Equine Sports Massage Association's web site. We are a national organisation specialising in equine massage and our web site has been designed to provide information for those people interested in the many benefits Equine Sports Massage Therapy can give.

Our mission at ESMA is:

  • To ensure the client receives services from a fully trained and qualified Equine Sports Masseur.
  • To maintain a high standard of practice and code of conduct by all its members.

World Renowned Equine Anatomist & Imaging Expert Visits ESMA 2014 Conference

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For full details of the 2014 conference see the events page!

ESMA Chairman’s 2014 Website News

Following on from an extremely successful 2013 for The Equine Sports Massage Association, we have entered 2014 with the same enthusiasm and ethos. The Association stands out as the leading Equine Sports Massage Association and Governing Body in the UK. We are all justifiably proud to be a part of such a dynamic and professional body...

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