Welcome to the Equine Sports Massage Associations Website. We are the leading national organization for Equine Sports Massage Therapists and this website hopes to give you more information on the many benefits, research and practitioners around the country and Internationally.Dee So'oialo (née Holdsworth) - ESMA Chairman
Our mission at ESMA is:

  • To ensure a client receives services from a highly and fully trained, qualified Equine Sports Masseur.
  • To maintain a high standard of practice and code of conduct by all its members.
ESMA Committee
Few human athletes would compete without preparing their bodies using massage and stretching exercises, thus nor should a horse.

Training for the future

Our commitment to delivering high quality treatment to all our clients is backed by our rigorous training and examination procedures so as to maintain ESMA’s high membership standards. This ensures an even greater level of graduate practitioner competency.

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